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I joined deviantArt back in October of 2012, which sounds like a lot more time than it really has been XD I guess I found dA while surfing for fanart on Google Images. I was probably thinking "Where is all this awesome stuff coming from???" Add a few minutes later of browsing through dA's results of fanart and whatnot, and then I joined.

First piece of art I ever posted: 
Hero Collage by RvBPhoenix
At the time I thought it was the most epic thing I had ever made (and I still kinda do XD ). But that was when I didn't have Photoshop and the skills to upload drawings cleanly.

Sometime during that year, I started taking Photoshop classes in high school. That was when I fell in love with the program; Photoshop CS6 to be exact. We actually have CS5 in school but I got the next generation for myself :3 So, I started messing around with it, edited photos and screenshots from shows...
Fight for What You Believe In by RvBPhoenix Geyser Basin by RvBPhoenix Last of the Firstborn by RvBPhoenix Finding the Director by RvBPhoenix

An edited screenshot eventually became the deviation with the most favorites on here: Agent Texas and Omega from the most popular and longest running webseries, Red vs Blue.
Next Time... by RvBPhoenix
It's still the most popular to this day. And I don't really know why XD I have plenty of other awesome works.

My first watcher ever was :iconredvsbluerocks228: I was really excited for someone to be following my work, especially a fellow RvB fan :D We soon became good friends too. She's an awesome and friendly person, and I'm going to give her credit for starting my ever growing list of watchers. Thank you! :hug:

One great thing leads to another, and after a while I met :iconmoulinrougegirl77: She's the wonderful person who introduced me to roleplaying. I seriously would have never considered roleplaying if she hadn't shown me how fun it is. So big thanks to you, Meg :hug:

I'm pretty sure most of my watchers are a part of the Red vs Blue fandom (or anything to do with RoosterTeeth/Achievement Hunter) and I'm perfectly happy about that C: It's kinda one of the few fandoms I can say I'm obsessed with and it's only better when there's so many people to share it with. People like :iconaurorablix: :icona-flyer: :iconagent-colorado: :iconzeela-winters: and so on. There's just so many of you :happybounce:

With Red vs Blue, comes Halo, and I soon started seeing people posting screenshots from the games. :iconturbofurby: was actually one of the first I had seen doing that. They're an interesting way to tell a story, especially if your writing skills are poor XP

At some point in my early days of being on here, I suddenly got the urge to create my own character for Red vs Blue and jump in on all the fanfiction works. And so Agent Arizona was born.
OC: Agent Arizona V 6.0
Name: Chloe Coolidge
Age: 20
Alias: Agent Arizona
Nickname: 'Zona, Z
Nationality: American
Appearance: Agent Arizona is roughly 5' 5" and weighs around 175 lbs., but don't let her weight fool you, it's mostly muscle. She has guarded, emerald-green eyes and her brown-ish, blonde hair is done in a sloppy style down past her shoulders a little ways. She normally wears jeans and any top with green (her favorite color) when she's not in armor. Arizona is almost always wearing her dog tags, only taking them off for showers, because they give her a sense of belonging. A faint, pink scar trails down her back that was the result of an automobile accident as a child.
Personality: Before she joined Project Freelancer and received her A.I., Arizona refused to trust anyone or stay in one place for long periods of time. This was mostly due to the fact that her parents were killed in a horrific car crash, injuring Ari

She needed SO much work from day one. In fact, she started out as a Mary Sue *shudders* But, with the help of people like :icona-flyer: and :iconbushtuckapenguin:, she grew into the Freelancer that I love today X3 And I suppose others really enjoy her too since they asked for her to appear in their fanfictions, like :iconagent-michigan-mia: and :icona-flyer: You guys don't know how excited I get when others ask to use my character. It just feels awesome, like I've accomplished something :D

It's also an amazing feeling when someone asks if they can use one of your pieces as inspiration or to help improve their drawing skills. 

Falling Stars by RvBPhoenix Monster by RvBPhoenix
:iconkayleerydder: wrote a short literature piece inspired by these photomanipulations of mine.

He May Not Have Said It... by RvBPhoenix
:icongunfighter23: tried his hand at recreating this drawing. I felt so honored when he asked if he could X3

Later on, I found a contest over on a RoosterTeeth group here and decided to join in. I submitted this piece:
How Big Of A Drop Is It? by RvBPhoenix
And I had no idea it would be so popular. People loved it! And it won first place in the contest. I was just ecstatic XD

I think at some point before my one year anniversary on this site, I had reached 100 watchers. I flipped out; it was incredible. I never thought I would have that many people following me. But look at me now; nearly 200 watchers! I'm in awe...

Going into my first year at college, my buddy :iconagent-michigan-mia: suggested that I join this RvB Facebook roleplay group.
So I thought "Eh, why not?" I was instantly hooked. I joined as Donut and was just sucked into everything. It's kinda like an addiction now, like I can't really go a day without checking in on the group every now and then XD So thanks for that Harry and Jade (:iconshasonefen:, creator of the group) XD But I really do love it and I met/got to know better some of my closest internet friends there: :icongunfighter23: :iconruneharpy: :iconshasonefen: :iconagent-michigan-mia: :iconagent-colorado: :iconjanop1: :iconcujo-fan96: :iconpetchricor: :icontailsgfriend: :iconfallingwithoutstyle: :iconxavier42424: :iconagentcaboose: :iconfartbane: Most of us even do group Skype calls with each other and it's just so much fun. :icongunfighter23: :iconagent-colorado: and I even went as far as meeting each other in person. Best day ever. Of all time. I love these guys so much <3

All throughout my freshman year at college, I kept working to improve on my artistic skills. I also began using Photoshop more heavily on my drawings:
Dexter Morgan by RvBPhoenix My Lullaby by RvBPhoenix Tucker - S12 by RvBPhoenix Godzilla by RvBPhoenix Can't Control the Curse by RvBPhoenix The Ghost That Hides in the Night by RvBPhoenix
Just look at that improvement XD

Speaking of improvement, I decided to create a RWBY OC in the beginning of summer. Since I had a better idea of what it's like to build characters from scratch since Arizona, I had a lot of fun working on Viridis Viidakko.
Viridis Viidakko- V2 by RvBPhoenix 

Anyways, it's been such an amazing time here on dA for me and I can't believe it'll be my two year anniversary in a couple months. I may even have a solid 200 watchers by then O.o It's just crazy!

More awesome people that I didn't mention before:
:iconbahamutdeusmodus: :iconbritish-prophetess: :iconcandycone: :iconennielin: :icongoldenphoenix100: :iconkabrox18: :icongraphicspark84: :iconknightlywordsmith: :iconpleasantlist882: :icontheguythatwastheguy: :iconshadowpredator100: :iconxagentnoblex: :iconwintermoon95: :iconzenoxen: :iconxephiliomia: 

And of course my cousin and younger brother:
:iconswirlswirl: :iconpuginarmor:
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  • Listening to: Mass Effect stuff :3
  • Reading: Maximum Ride: Nevermore
  • Watching: Youtube
  • Playing: Mass Effect 2 (again hehe)


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hey there ^^

My name's Natalie but most people end up calling me Nat for short XP I live with my family of five, mother and father and two younger brothers, in Maryland, US. Currently though, I'm living in a college dorm in Virginia, US while studying for a Fine Arts major.

I love art and just about every medium for it. My favorite to work with though is traditional, pencil and paper, sometimes pen and color pencils too :3 Next to that is digital art such as photography and working in photoshop programs. I'm hoping to one day learn how to draw on a tablet ^^

One thing you must know is that I love, absolutely LOVE, the webseries Red vs Blue done by RoosterTeeth. It's such a great show and I highly recommend it to everyone :3

I'm also a big music person. I can honestly say that I can't go a day without listening to music. I play the flute and I'm very into band, both marching and concert. It's a lot of fun and I enjoy being a part of band every time. Music can also be an inspirational thing for me when I'm drawing or writing or even if I'm just having a bad day. I can always find a song that can relate to a situation :)

Another thing, I'm VERY protective of my friends. Just ask any of them and they'll say it's true XP

And, if you get the chance, you should check out this amazing group of friends over at :iconredvsbluelovers: They are the best and I love them all <3

Ask me about Skype! :D

Youtube Loves: PewDiePie, The Yogscast, RoosterTeeth, Penguinz0, DFPUR, GoldenPhoenix100/101, ChimneySwift11, ChaoticMonki (Cry), UberHaxorNova, Totalbiscuit (TotalHalibut), Jesse Cox (OMFGcata), Rob Dyke (TheRobDykeExperience), Jacksfilms

What I Love Doing On DA:
-Give a llama, receive a llama
-Give a fave, and I'll visit your page
-Give a comment on anything of mine (deviation, profile) and I'll visit your page, give a llama, and possibly a few faves
-Fave attacks!

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